(The second topic in the Philosophy of Education seminar series)

On 17 March 2012, IRED organized the seminar entitled “Educational ideology of ancient Greece.” This seminar was the second one in IRED’s Philosophy of Education seminar series. Seminar participants included researchers, university lecturers, school leaders and graduate students.

The guest speaker Nguyen Van Khoa presented an overview of ancient Greece’s main educational tendencies and the first debate on educational philosophy in Athens in the fifth century B.C. between Socrates and the Sophists. Participants enthusiastically raised many questions on the topic, and then related the theories and ideas to the current issues affecting education in Vietnam.

     Keynote speaker – Nguyen Van Khoa

                 Philosophical Researcher – Bui Van Nam Son

                            IRED President – Gian Tu Trung

           Dr. Hoang Thi Tuyet, HCMC University of Pedagogy

                       Lecturer Le Minh Tien, Open University


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