IRED works with DT Books Publishing Company – IRED’s publishing arm – to select and acquire the rights to translate and publish must-read books on education in the Vietnamese language.  

These titles include the following:

  • Experience and Education (John Dewey)
  • John Dewey on Education (John Dewey)
  • A Good Teacher in Every Classroom (Linda Darling-Hammond)
  • Preparing Teachers for a Changing World (Linda Darling-Hammond)
  • Five Minds for the Future (Howard Gardner)
  • Teaching Gap (James Stigler and James Hieber)
  • The Global Achievement Gap (Tony Wagner),
  • Historical Philosophical Foundations of Education (Gerald Gutek)

Below are the education-governing laws and sub-laws promulgated by Vietnam's Government and Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) since 2000.