OneBook project

In 2008, OneBook was established through the collaboration and support of government agencies, entrepreneurs and intellectuals, and millions of every-day citizens.  Its goals is to improve reading habits and increase reading opportunities, especially for the disadvantaged, by providing good quality books and bookshelves to those who need most.  OneBook aims to ensure that disadvantaged people have the opportunity to possess, use, and maintain libraries of good books in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.  By calling for every individual and organization to donate at least one new or used book to another person, great written works are being read and circulated to broaden knowledge and to build the foundation of a sustainable business community. 

As of date, OneBook has brought thousands of books to disadvantaged youth in underserved areas and built five libraries in prisons, many bookshelves and mini libraries in remote provinces across the country.  Highly valued books on agriculture, farming, forestry, parenting, health care, self-improvement, career orientation, literature, arts, history, business, technology, textbooks, children’s books, and many other categories have been provided to underprivileged people in remote areas.  OneBook continues to work its way to reach disadvantaged people in more remote districts and provinces throughout Vietnam.

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