GoodBooks Awards

GoodBooks Awards is an annual event organized by GoodBooks Educational and Cultural project. It has been initiated to recognize and honor authors, translators, and publishers who have produced Vietnamese works that have contributed to expanding and enhancing the body of literature and knowledge available to the world in Vietnamese.

The GoodBooks Awards also aims to encourage the creation of high-quality literature in Vietnamese, spread the values of good books, and cultivate the reading habit in society.

Eligible Vietnamese books for the GoodBooks Awards must be published after April 30, 1975. Books published abroad in Vietnamese are also welcomed to participate in the Awards.

Awards are given to the best original Vietnamese literary works, or translations to Vietnamese from other languages in seven different areas: Life Values or Self Development, Education, Research, Economics, Management, Literature, and Children's Books. The books will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of eminent researchers, education, translators, writers, and journalists. Entries for the GoodBooks Awards are accepted from April 23, the World Book and Copyright day. The winners will be announced during the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn festival. More details about the Awards are posted on

Click here for GoodBooks Awards website (presently in Vietnamese language only)

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