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GoodBooks Educational and Cultural Project (GoodBooks or Sach Hay Project) was founded in 2007 by more than 70 of Vietnam’s most prominent intellectuals, including leading educators, writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, publishers, and government officials, as well as others who possess great aspirations for advancing the intellectual standards of the Vietnamese people.  Its goal is to create and foster a collaborative learning environment that will enable Vietnamese to share and gain knowledge by linking Vietnamese readers with each other, book publishers, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs.

GoodBooks Project links Vietnamese readers with book publishers, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs to build an engaging learning environment.  Through the Project's website ( or, readers can register an account and create their own reader’s page where they can post and recommend books that they have read, and can comment on other readers’ selections as well.  Each reader can connect to other people from various fields by exchanging thoughts on favorite titles, authors, and interested topics.  The exchange shared through the website is critical to building a foundation for learning and advancing knowledge.   Thousands of books have already been recommended by well-known writers, journalists, teachers, students and those who understand the value of reading and learning.  GoodBooks Project has been a great vehicle to identify certain books that would otherwise be subsumed by the millions of books available in various fields that could prove to be interesting and useful in the lives of countless others.

In addition, GoodBooks Project also organizes off-the-web activities, such as conferences, social functions, and activities to gather writers, intellectuals, educators and readers to discuss pressing issues relevant to promoting better reading habits throughout Vietnam.  Writing contests are also organized, all towards supporting and furthering the project’s mission. 

With more than 10,000 books shared and recommended by 50,000 readers/members, 300 experts, 60 publishers and 35 news outlets, or is widely recognized as the largest book-sharing forum in Vietnam.

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